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INFJ Confessions #907


The TARDIS is an INFJ. She’s bigger on the inside; no one can understand her except the Doctor, and even then he’s surprised by her actions from time to time. She listens to the problems of the world, but cannot respond. She takes the Doctor where he needs to go, not necessarily where he wants to go. She’s the ultimate supporting character. Kind of funny, actually, because only an INFJ could make that connection.


"America is quickly becoming two nations, one ruled over by fundamentalist Christians and their supporters and one that is becoming all the more secular over time, looking more and more like western Europe in its relative indifference to religion.

And caught in between are a group of liberal Christians that are culturally aligned with secularists and are increasingly and dismayingly seeing the concept of “faith” aligned with a narrow and conservative political worldview.

The number of Americans who cite “none” when asked about a religious identity is rising rapidly, up to nearly 20% from 15% in 2007, with a third of people under 30 identifying with no religious faith.

But even this may underrepresent how secular our country really is getting, as many people who say they belong to a church don’t really go to church much, if at all.

While Americans like to tell pollsters they go to church regularly, in-depth research shows they are lying and many of them blow it off, putting our actual church-going rates at roughly the same level of secular Western Europe. “



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